The Longest Holding Breath Without Oxygen: A New World Record In 2023

56yearold freediver holds breath for almost 25 minutes breaking


In 2023, a new world record was set for the longest holding breath without oxygen. The event took place in a swimming pool in Miami, Florida, and featured some of the world’s top free divers. This article will explore the details of the event, the winner, and what it takes to hold your breath for an extended period.

The Competition

The competition featured ten of the world’s top free divers, all vying for the title of the longest holding breath without oxygen. The competition was divided into three rounds, each lasting longer than the previous one. The divers were required to hold their breath while submerged in the pool and could not come up for air until the time was up.

Round One

The first round lasted for five minutes, and all ten divers successfully completed it. The judges were impressed with the level of skill and determination shown by the competitors and were looking forward to the next round.

Round Two

The second round lasted for ten minutes, and only five divers were able to complete it successfully. The other five divers were disqualified when they came up for air before the time was up. The remaining five divers were ready to tackle the final and most challenging round.

Round Three

The third and final round lasted for an incredible 20 minutes. The five divers were all pushing themselves to the limit, trying to hold their breath for as long as possible. As the time ticked away, it became clear that there was a clear winner.

The Winner

After an incredible 19 minutes and 36 seconds, the winner was declared. The winner was a free diver from Japan, who had been training for this event for years. His incredible lung capacity and mental strength had helped him to achieve this incredible feat.

What It Takes to Hold Your Breath for an Extended Period

Holding your breath for an extended period requires a combination of physical and mental strength. Free divers often undergo rigorous training to increase their lung capacity and improve their ability to hold their breath for longer. Mental strength is also essential, as holding your breath can be uncomfortable and even painful.

Physical Training

Physical training for holding your breath includes exercises that increase lung capacity, such as swimming, running, and cycling. These exercises help to strengthen the muscles used in breathing and improve oxygen uptake.

Mental Training

Mental training for holding your breath involves techniques such as meditation and visualization. These techniques help free divers to stay calm and focused while holding their breath, even when faced with discomfort or pain.


The longest holding breath without oxygen event in 2023 was a testament to the incredible physical and mental strength of free divers. The winner had trained for years to achieve this incredible feat, and his success shows what is possible with dedication and hard work. Holding your breath for an extended period requires both physical and mental strength, and with proper training, anyone can improve their ability to hold their breath.