The View From My Seat At The Cotton Bowl

Cotton Bowl section 118 Texas Longhorns vs Oklahoma Sooners


As a sports fan, attending the Cotton Bowl has always been on my bucket list. In 2023, I finally had the opportunity to experience the excitement of this iconic college football game. From the pre-game festivities to the final whistle, here is a glimpse of the view from my seat at the Cotton Bowl.

Pre-Game Festivities

The atmosphere outside the stadium was electric. Fans from both teams were tailgating and enjoying the festivities. The smell of barbecue filled the air, and the sound of live music added to the excitement. As I made my way to my seat, I couldn’t help but feel the anticipation building.

The Stadium

The Cotton Bowl stadium is an impressive sight. With a capacity of over 90,000, it is one of the largest college football stadiums in the country. My seat was located on the lower level, near the 50-yard line. From this vantage point, I had an excellent view of the entire field.

The Game

The game itself was a back-and-forth battle between two talented teams. The crowd was on their feet for much of the game, cheering on their favorite players. The energy in the stadium was incredible, and it was clear that everyone was invested in the outcome of the game.

The Halftime Show

The halftime show was a highlight of the game. Featuring a marching band and dance team, it was a spectacle to behold. The precision of the performers was impressive, and the crowd was fully engaged. It was a perfect break from the intensity of the game.

The Food

Of course, no sporting event is complete without some delicious food. The Cotton Bowl had a variety of options, from classic stadium fare like hot dogs and nachos to more gourmet options like barbecue brisket sandwiches. The lines were long, but the food was worth the wait.

The Fans

One of the best parts of attending a live game is being surrounded by passionate fans. The Cotton Bowl was no exception. Fans from both teams were friendly and enthusiastic, and it was clear that everyone was there to have a good time.

The Final Minutes

As the game entered its final minutes, the tension in the stadium was palpable. The outcome was still in doubt, and both teams were fighting hard for the win. When the final whistle blew and the game was over, the celebration was intense. Fans hugged and high-fived each other, and the winning team’s fans erupted in cheers.

The Aftermath

After the game, the stadium emptied out quickly. Fans made their way back to their cars, still buzzing from the excitement of the game. As I walked out of the stadium, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the experience.


Attending the Cotton Bowl was an unforgettable experience. From the pre-game festivities to the final whistle, every moment was filled with excitement and energy. If you’re a sports fan, I highly recommend adding this iconic game to your bucket list.