What Does Melanie Martinez Perfume Smell Like?


The Introduction

Melanie Martinez is a popular singer and songwriter known for her unique style and music. In 2019, she launched her own fragrance line, which quickly became a fan favorite. The perfume has gained a lot of attention, and people are curious about what it smells like. In this article, we will explore what Melanie Martinez perfume smells like.

The Scent

Melanie Martinez perfume is described as a fruity and floral scent. The fragrance has top notes of strawberry, bergamot, and pink pepper. The middle notes include peony, magnolia, and heliotrope. The base notes consist of musk, amber, and tonka bean.

The Top Notes

The top notes in Melanie Martinez perfume are the first fragrances you will smell when you apply the perfume. The strawberry scent is the most prominent, giving the fragrance a sweet and fruity smell. The bergamot and pink pepper add a touch of freshness and spice to the perfume.

The Middle Notes

The middle notes in Melanie Martinez perfume are the heart of the fragrance. The peony, magnolia, and heliotrope scents create a floral aroma that balances the sweetness of the top notes. The combination of these scents creates a fresh and feminine fragrance.

The Base Notes

The base notes in Melanie Martinez perfume are the fragrances that linger on your skin after the top and middle notes have faded away. The musk and amber scents give the fragrance a warm and sensual aroma, while the tonka bean adds a touch of sweetness.

The Packaging

The packaging of Melanie Martinez perfume is just as unique as the fragrance itself. The perfume bottle is shaped like a crybaby bottle, which is a nod to Melanie Martinez’s music. The bottle is pastel pink, with a baby blue cap and a pink bow.

The Price

Melanie Martinez perfume is priced at $50 for a 1.7 oz bottle. The fragrance is also available in a rollerball and a gift set. The rollerball is priced at $18, and the gift set is priced at $65.

The Reviews

The reviews for Melanie Martinez perfume are overwhelmingly positive. Fans of the singer and fragrance lovers alike have praised the scent for its unique and long-lasting aroma. Many have also commented on the cute and creative packaging.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Melanie Martinez perfume is a fruity and floral fragrance with a touch of warmth and sensuality. The combination of scents creates a unique aroma that is both fresh and feminine. The packaging is just as creative as the fragrance itself, making it a must-have for fans of Melanie Martinez and fragrance lovers alike.