Bath And Body Works Pop Rocks Lotion Review: An Explosive Experience For Your Skin

Bath and Body Works Body Lotion 8 oz


If you’re a fan of Bath and Body Works products, you’ll definitely want to try their latest addition to their line of lotions – the Pop Rocks Lotion. This new lotion promises to give you an explosive experience for your skin, and we’re here to find out if it really lives up to the hype.

What is Pop Rocks Lotion?

Pop Rocks Lotion is a new addition to Bath and Body Works’ line of lotions. It gets its name from the popping candy that’s infused into the lotion, giving your skin a unique and exciting sensation. The lotion comes in a variety of scents, including Watermelon Pop, Strawberry Pop, and Blueberry Pop.

What Makes Pop Rocks Lotion Different?

The popping candy in the lotion is what sets it apart from other lotions on the market. When you apply the lotion to your skin, you’ll feel a slight popping sensation. This is because the popping candy reacts with the moisture on your skin, creating a fun and unique experience.

Benefits of Using Pop Rocks Lotion

Aside from the fun popping sensation, Pop Rocks Lotion also has several benefits for your skin. It’s formulated with shea butter and vitamin E, which help to moisturize and nourish your skin. Additionally, the lotion is fast-absorbing, so you won’t be left with a greasy or sticky feeling after application.

How to Use Pop Rocks Lotion

Using Pop Rocks Lotion is no different than using any other lotion. Simply apply a generous amount to your skin and massage it in until it’s fully absorbed. You can use it as often as you like, but we recommend using it after a shower or bath to lock in moisture.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have tried Pop Rocks Lotion have been raving about it. Many have said that they love the unique popping sensation and that the lotion leaves their skin feeling soft and smooth. Some have even said that the lotion has helped to improve the texture of their skin over time.

Price and Availability

Pop Rocks Lotion is currently available at Bath and Body Works stores and online. It retails for $14.50 for an 8 oz. bottle, which is a reasonable price for a high-quality lotion.


Overall, we highly recommend trying Bath and Body Works’ Pop Rocks Lotion. It’s a fun and unique experience for your skin, and it has several benefits that make it worth the investment. Whether you’re a fan of popping candy or just looking for a new lotion to add to your skincare routine, Pop Rocks Lotion is definitely worth a try.