Breath Of The Wild Repair Weapons Guide

How To Repair Weapons In Breath of the Wild TheGamer


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most popular games of all time. It is an open-world adventure game that features a vast world to explore and a variety of weapons to use. Weapons can be used to defeat enemies, break objects, and solve puzzles. However, weapons also have a durability system, which means that they will eventually break and need to be repaired or replaced.

Understanding Weapon Durability

Weapons in Breath of the Wild have a durability system that measures how many times they can be used before they break. Each weapon has a different durability rating, and some weapons are more durable than others. When a weapon’s durability reaches zero, it will break and disappear from your inventory.

Repairing Weapons

There are two main ways to repair weapons in Breath of the Wild. The first way is to visit a blacksmith, who can repair your weapons for a fee. The second way is to use a repair kit, which can be obtained by completing certain quests or by purchasing them from merchants.

Upgrading Weapons

In addition to repairing weapons, you can also upgrade them to increase their durability and damage. To upgrade weapons, you will need to collect certain materials and visit a blacksmith. Upgraded weapons will have a higher durability rating and will deal more damage to enemies.

Using Elemental Weapons

Elemental weapons are weapons that have an elemental effect, such as fire or ice. These weapons have a limited amount of uses before they break, but they can be repaired and upgraded like other weapons. Elemental weapons are especially effective against enemies that are weak to their element.

Using Master Sword

The Master Sword is a legendary weapon in Breath of the Wild that has infinite durability. However, it will need to be recharged after a certain amount of use. To recharge the Master Sword, you will need to defeat a certain number of enemies or wait for a certain amount of time to pass.

Using Shields

Shields in Breath of the Wild also have a durability system. When a shield is used to block an attack, it will lose durability. However, shields can be repaired or replaced like other weapons. Some shields also have special abilities, such as reflecting projectiles or knocking enemies back.

Using Bows

Bows in Breath of the Wild have a durability system like other weapons. They also require arrows to use, and different types of arrows have different effects. Bows can be repaired or replaced like other weapons, and some bows have special abilities, such as firing multiple arrows at once or firing explosive arrows.


Weapons are an important part of Breath of the Wild, but they also have a durability system that can be frustrating at times. However, by understanding how to repair and upgrade weapons, you can ensure that you always have a reliable arsenal at your disposal. So go out there and explore the vast world of Breath of the Wild, armed with the knowledge of how to keep your weapons in top shape!