Courtney Shoemaker Below Deck Episode: The Inside Scoop

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If you’re a fan of the hit reality TV show Below Deck, then you’re probably familiar with Courtney Shoemaker. The third stew, who joined the show in season 7, quickly became a fan favorite for her wit, charm, and impeccable work ethic. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of Courtney’s most memorable episodes and provide some behind-the-scenes insights into what really went down.

The Episode

The episode in question is season 7, episode 8, titled “No Way, Rosé!” In this episode, the crew is tasked with hosting a beach picnic for a group of wealthy charter guests. Courtney is put in charge of the picnic setup, which includes everything from setting up tables and chairs to arranging flowers and preparing food.


Before the guests arrive, Courtney and the rest of the crew spend hours preparing for the picnic. They have to load up the tender with all the supplies, transport them to the beach, and then set everything up. Courtney is shown working tirelessly, sweating in the hot sun, and doing her best to make sure everything looks perfect.

The Guests Arrive

When the guests finally arrive, things start to go wrong. One of the guests spills red wine all over the white tablecloths, and another guest complains about the food. Courtney remains calm and composed, doing her best to fix the problems and make sure the guests are happy.

The Aftermath

After the picnic, the crew is exhausted and stressed out. Courtney confides in her fellow stew Kate that she’s feeling overwhelmed and unsure if she’s cut out for the job. Kate reassures her that she’s doing a great job and that everyone has bad days.

Behind the Scenes

So, what really went down during the filming of this episode? According to Courtney, it was even more stressful than it appeared on TV. She had to deal with a lot of unexpected challenges, including bad weather and difficult guests. However, she credits her experience on the show with helping her become a stronger person and better able to handle stress.


In conclusion, Courtney Shoemaker’s performance in season 7, episode 8 of Below Deck was nothing short of impressive. Despite facing numerous challenges, she remained calm, professional, and dedicated to her job. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this rising star in the yachting industry.