Denice Amber Lee Investigation Discovery – A Tragic Story Of Kidnapping And Murder

Investigation Discovery recounts the Denise Lee tragedy The Daily Sun


The case of Denice Amber Lee is one of the most tragic stories of kidnapping and murder in recent years. In January 2008, the 21-year-old mother of two was abducted from her home in North Port, Florida. Her body was found two days later, buried in a shallow grave in a wooded area. The case has since become the subject of an Investigation Discovery documentary, shedding light on the events surrounding her death.

The Kidnapping

Denice Amber Lee was at home with her two young children when she was abducted by Michael King, a convicted sex offender who had been on the run from police. King had a history of sexual assault and was considered dangerous. He broke into Lee’s home, tied her up, and forced her into his car before driving away.

The Search

Lee’s disappearance was reported by her husband, who returned home to find his wife and children missing. A massive search was launched, involving hundreds of law enforcement officers and volunteers. The search lasted for two days before Lee’s body was discovered.

The Investigation

The investigation into Lee’s murder was one of the largest in Florida’s history. Law enforcement officers worked tirelessly to collect evidence and track down King, who had fled the state. Eventually, he was apprehended in Texas and extradited to Florida to face charges.

The Trial

King was charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, and sexual battery. He pleaded not guilty but was convicted on all counts and sentenced to death. The trial was a difficult one for Lee’s family, who had to relive the trauma of her death in court.

The Aftermath

The death of Denice Amber Lee had a profound impact on her community and the country as a whole. Her story highlighted the dangers of sexual predators and the importance of taking measures to protect oneself and one’s family. Her family has since become advocates for stronger laws and protections for victims of sexual assault.

The Documentary

In 2023, Investigation Discovery released a documentary about Denice Amber Lee’s case, shedding new light on the events surrounding her kidnapping and murder. The documentary features interviews with Lee’s family and law enforcement officials involved in the case, providing a nuanced and intimate look at the tragedy.


The story of Denice Amber Lee is one that should never be forgotten. Her death was a tragedy that could have been prevented. It is important to remember her story and to continue to work towards justice and protection for victims of sexual assault.