How To Stop Mascara From Smudging On Brow Bone

How To Keep Mascara From Smudging? Nubo Beauty


Mascara is one of the most essential parts of our makeup routine, but it can be frustrating when it smudges on the brow bone. This can ruin the entire look of your makeup and also make you feel uncomfortable. In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to stop mascara from smudging on the brow bone.

Choose the Right Mascara

Choosing the right mascara is important to avoid smudging. Waterproof mascara is the best option as it is less likely to smudge. You can also try a tubing mascara, which forms a tube around each lash and doesn’t smudge.

Apply Powder on Your Brow Bone

Before applying mascara, apply some powder on your brow bone. This will help to absorb any oil or sweat and prevent smudging. You can use any translucent powder or even baby powder for this purpose.

Use a Primer

Using a primer on your eyelids can also help to prevent smudging. It creates a smooth surface for the mascara to adhere to and helps to hold it in place.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes

Touching your eyes or rubbing them can cause your mascara to smudge. Avoid touching your eyes as much as possible, and if you need to, use a tissue or cotton swab instead of your fingers.

Use a Lash Curler

Using a lash curler can help to prevent smudging by keeping your lashes away from your brow bone. It also helps to create a lifted look and makes your lashes appear longer.

Apply Mascara in Thin Layers

Apply mascara in thin layers instead of one thick layer. This will help to prevent clumping and smudging. Wait for each layer to dry before applying the next one.

Remove Excess Mascara

Before applying mascara, make sure to remove any excess product from the wand. This will help to prevent clumping and smudging. You can also wipe the wand with a tissue to remove any excess product.

Use a Setting Spray

Using a setting spray can help to hold your makeup in place and prevent smudging. Spray it on your face after applying your makeup, and it will help to keep your mascara in place.


Mascara smudging on the brow bone can be frustrating, but there are ways to prevent it. By choosing the right mascara, using a primer, and applying it in thin layers, you can avoid smudging. Remember to remove excess mascara, use a lash curler, and avoid touching your eyes. With these tips, you can have flawless mascara all day long.