How To Use Diffuser Reeds: A Comprehensive Guide For 2023

How to Make a DIY Reed Diffuser Make and Takes


If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and relaxation to your living space, you may have considered investing in a diffuser. Diffusers come in many shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular types is the diffuser reed. These long, thin sticks are a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils without the need for a plug or electricity. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to use diffuser reeds to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

What are Diffuser Reeds?

Diffuser reeds are made from natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, or other types of wood. They are designed to absorb and diffuse essential oils, which are then released into the air to create a pleasant aroma. Diffuser reeds typically come in a set of 5-10 sticks, although you can purchase them in larger quantities if needed.

Choosing Your Essential Oils

Before you start using your diffuser reeds, you’ll need to choose the right essential oils for your needs. There are many essential oils available, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Some of the most popular essential oils for relaxation include lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. If you’re looking for a more invigorating scent, you might consider peppermint or lemon.

Preparing Your Diffuser Reeds

Before using your diffuser reeds, you’ll need to prepare them by soaking them in a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. This will help to ensure that the essential oils are absorbed properly and evenly. Simply fill a small glass or ceramic jar with the carrier oil, add a few drops of your chosen essential oil, and place the diffuser reeds in the jar.

Placing Your Diffuser Reeds

Once your diffuser reeds are ready, it’s time to place them in your desired location. You can use one or multiple diffuser reeds, depending on the size of your room and your personal preferences. A good rule of thumb is to use one diffuser reed per every 100 square feet of space. Place the diffuser reeds in a decorative vase or jar, and position them in a spot where they won’t be knocked over or disturbed.

How to Use Diffuser Reeds

Using diffuser reeds is incredibly easy. Simply insert the reeds into the jar or vase, making sure that they’re fully submerged in the carrier oil. The essential oils will slowly travel up the reeds and be released into the air. You can adjust the intensity of the scent by adding more or fewer diffuser reeds, or by flipping them over every few days to ensure even distribution of the oils.

Caring for Your Diffuser Reeds

To ensure that your diffuser reeds last as long as possible, you’ll need to take good care of them. Make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat, as this can cause the oils to evaporate more quickly. You should also flip the diffuser reeds every few days to help distribute the oils evenly. If you notice that the scent is fading, you can add a few more drops of essential oil to the carrier oil to refresh the scent.


Diffuser reeds are a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in your home. With a little bit of preparation and care, you can create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that will help you unwind and de-stress. Whether you’re using diffuser reeds for aromatherapy, meditation, or simply to freshen up your living space, they’re a versatile and easy-to-use option that’s sure to please.