How To Use The Ice Cream Attachment For Kitchenaid: A Complete Guide

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If you are a fan of ice cream and want to make your own at home, the ice cream attachment for KitchenAid is a must-have. This accessory is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixers and is designed to make ice cream, gelato, and sorbet with ease. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using the ice cream attachment for KitchenAid.

What You Need

Before you start, you will need a few things. First, you will need the ice cream attachment for KitchenAid. You will also need your KitchenAid stand mixer, a freezer-safe container to store your ice cream in, and your desired ingredients.

Preparing Your Ingredients

Before you start making your ice cream, it is important to prepare your ingredients. You can use any recipe you like, but make sure that your ingredients are chilled before you start. This will ensure that your ice cream freezes properly.

Assembling the Ice Cream Attachment

To assemble the ice cream attachment for KitchenAid, simply attach it to the power hub of your stand mixer. Make sure that the mixing bowl is securely in place and that the dasher is inserted into the bowl.

Churning Your Ice Cream

Once your ingredients are prepared and the ice cream attachment is assembled, it is time to start churning your ice cream. Turn your stand mixer on to the lowest speed and pour your mixture into the mixing bowl. Allow the attachment to churn the ice cream for about 20-30 minutes, or until the ice cream reaches your desired consistency.

Storing Your Ice Cream

After you have finished churning your ice cream, transfer it to a freezer-safe container and store it in the freezer. Your ice cream should be ready to eat in about 2-4 hours.

Cleaning Your Ice Cream Attachment

To clean your ice cream attachment, simply remove it from the stand mixer and wash it with warm, soapy water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly before storing it away.

Tips for Making Perfect Ice Cream

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect ice cream using your KitchenAid ice cream attachment:

Use Quality Ingredients

The quality of your ingredients will greatly affect the taste and texture of your ice cream. Use fresh, high-quality ingredients for the best results.

Chill Your Ingredients

Make sure that your ingredients are chilled before you start churning your ice cream. This will help your ice cream freeze properly.

Don’t Overfill the Mixing Bowl

Make sure that you do not overfill the mixing bowl. This can cause your ice cream to overflow and not freeze properly.

Experiment with Flavors

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. You never know what delicious creations you may come up with.


The ice cream attachment for KitchenAid is a great tool for making homemade ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. With a little practice and some experimentation, you can make delicious frozen treats in the comfort of your own home. Follow the instructions in this article and enjoy your homemade ice cream!