My Moustache Has Deemed



It’s the year 2023, and I’m here to share my experience with you about my moustache. I’ve been growing it for a while now, and it has become a part of my identity. But recently, I faced a problem that I never thought I would encounter – my moustache has deemed.

What does “Deemed” Mean?

Before we dive deep into my experience, let me clarify what I mean by “deemed.” In the context of a moustache, deeming refers to the point when the moustache loses its charm and becomes a burden. It can happen due to various reasons, such as lack of maintenance, improper grooming, or personal preferences.

How Did it Happen?

My moustache was once my pride and joy. I spent hours grooming it, trimming it, and styling it to perfection. But as time passed, I became busy with work and neglected my moustache. I started to notice that it was becoming unruly, and no amount of styling could fix it.

The Impact on My Identity

As someone who had always identified with their moustache, this sudden change was difficult to handle. I felt like a part of me was missing, and I didn’t know how to get it back. It affected my confidence and made me self-conscious in social situations.

My Attempts to Fix the Problem

At first, I tried to ignore the problem and hope it would fix itself. But that only made things worse. So, I decided to take action and started researching ways to fix my moustache. I tried various grooming products, consulted with experts, and even considered getting a new style altogether.

The Solution

After much trial and error, I finally found a solution that worked for me. I started to take better care of my moustache, using quality grooming products and taking the time to style it properly. I also decided to go for a new style that suited my face shape and personal preferences.

The Result

Today, my moustache is back to its former glory, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a part of my identity once again, and I feel confident and proud to show it off. The experience taught me the importance of taking care of oneself, both physically and mentally.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Moustache

If you’re someone who loves their moustache, here are some tips to keep it healthy and maintain its charm:

  • Invest in quality grooming products that suit your hair type and style.
  • Take the time to trim and style your moustache regularly.
  • Consult with experts if you’re unsure about the best grooming practices.
  • Consider trying new styles to keep things fresh and exciting.


Deeming can happen to anyone, but it’s important not to lose hope. With the right approach and mindset, you can bring your moustache back to life and regain your confidence. Remember, a healthy moustache is not just a fashion statement – it’s a part of who you are.