Personajes De Quien Es La Mascara 2023

"¿Quién es la máscara? 2020" comienza con las grabaciones en su segunda

What is Quien es la Mascara?

Quien es la Mascara is a popular Mexican reality TV show that has been on air since 2017. The show features celebrities, politicians, and athletes wearing elaborate masks and costumes to conceal their identities while they perform various challenges and compete against each other. The audience and a panel of judges must guess the identity of each participant, and the one with the fewest correct guesses is eliminated.

The Excitement for the 2023 Edition

Fans of Quien es la Mascara are eagerly anticipating the 2023 edition of the show, which promises to be even more exciting than the previous ones. With a new lineup of participants, new challenges, and more elaborate costumes, viewers are in for a treat.

Some of the Anticipated Participants

One of the most exciting aspects of Quien es la Mascara is guessing the identity of the participants. While the show’s producers keep the identities secret until the reveal, rumors and speculations abound. Here are some of the most anticipated participants for the 2023 edition:

1. Luis Miguel – The legendary Mexican singer has been a fan favorite for years, and fans are hoping he will finally make an appearance on the show.

2. Salma Hayek – The Hollywood actress and producer is known for her beauty and talent, and fans are curious to see if she can also sing and dance.

3. Carlos Slim Helu – The Mexican billionaire and philanthropist is a surprising addition to the list, but fans are excited to see what he can bring to the show.

The Challenges and the Costumes

Another exciting aspect of Quien es la Mascara is the challenges and the costumes. The show’s producers go all out to create elaborate and creative costumes that conceal the identity of the participants while showcasing their personalities and talents. The challenges range from singing and dancing to physical and mental challenges, and they always keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The Judges and the Audience

The judges and the audience play a crucial role in Quien es la Mascara. The judges are tasked with guessing the identity of each participant, and their comments and reactions add to the drama and excitement of the show. The audience also gets to participate by voting for their favorite participant and influencing the judges’ guesses.


Quien es la Mascara is a fun and entertaining show that has captured the hearts of Mexican viewers and beyond. With the 2023 edition promising to be even more exciting than the previous ones, fans are eagerly anticipating the reveal of the participants and the start of the challenges. Who will be this year’s best-masked singer or dancer? Only time will tell.