Polish Sweet Bread With Raisins

Polish Sweet Bread With Raisins Recipe [Bułka Z Rodzynkami] Polish

The History of Polish Sweet Bread with Raisins

Polish sweet bread with raisins, also known as “babka,” has been a traditional dessert in Poland for generations. The recipe is believed to have originated in the 18th century and has been passed down through families ever since. Babka is usually baked for special occasions such as Easter or Christmas.

The Ingredients

The main ingredients in babka are flour, eggs, sugar, butter, yeast, milk, and raisins. Some variations of the recipe include adding vanilla extract, lemon zest, or almonds.

The Preparation

To prepare the dough, all the ingredients are mixed together and kneaded until smooth. The dough is then left to rise for several hours until it has doubled in size. The raisins are soaked in warm water or brandy before being added to the dough.

The Baking

The risen dough is then placed into a greased loaf pan and baked in the oven for around 45 minutes. The result is a golden brown, fragrant bread with a soft, moist texture and a sweet taste.

Tips for Making Perfect Babka

Use Fresh Ingredients

The key to making perfect babka is to use fresh, high-quality ingredients. Make sure to use fresh eggs, good quality butter, and fresh yeast.

Don’t Overmix the Dough

Overmixing the dough can result in a tough, dense bread. Knead the dough until it’s smooth and elastic, but don’t overdo it.

Let the Dough Rise Properly

Allowing the dough to rise properly is essential for a light, fluffy babka. The dough should double in size before baking.

How to Serve Babka

Babka is usually served as a dessert, either plain or with a dusting of powdered sugar. It can also be served with whipped cream, fruit compote, or chocolate sauce.


Polish sweet bread with raisins, or babka, is a delicious and traditional dessert that has been enjoyed by generations of Polish families. By using fresh ingredients, allowing the dough to rise properly, and baking it to perfection, you can create a beautiful and tasty babka that will impress your guests.