The Amber Ruffin Show: A Terrible Disappointment?

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The Amber Ruffin Show premiered on NBC’s streaming service Peacock in 2021, promising to be a fresh and exciting late-night talk show hosted by the witty and talented Amber Ruffin. However, as the show progressed, it became increasingly clear that it was not living up to its potential. In this article, we will explore why the Amber Ruffin Show has been a terrible disappointment to viewers.

Uninspired Writing

One of the main problems with the Amber Ruffin Show is its uninspired writing. The jokes and skits often fall flat, and the show seems to rely heavily on tired tropes and cliches. It feels like the writers are not taking any risks or pushing boundaries, which is a shame given Amber Ruffin’s comedic talent.

Lack of Cohesion

Another issue with the show is its lack of cohesion. It often feels like a series of disconnected sketches and bits, rather than a coherent whole. The segments don’t flow well together, and the transitions can be jarring. This lack of cohesion is a major flaw, as it can make the show feel disjointed and confusing.

Weak Guests

The Amber Ruffin Show has had some notable guests, such as Ava DuVernay and Jane Lynch, but overall, the guest list has been underwhelming. Many of the guests are relatively unknown, and they often don’t have much chemistry with Amber Ruffin. This can make the interviews feel awkward and forced, further detracting from the show’s overall quality.

Overreliance on Politics

While it’s important for late-night talk shows to address politics and current events, the Amber Ruffin Show often feels like it’s beating a dead horse. The show frequently focuses on the same topics as other late-night shows, without bringing anything new or interesting to the conversation. This overreliance on politics can make the show feel repetitive and tiresome.

Inconsistent Energy

One of the things that made Amber Ruffin stand out on Late Night with Seth Meyers was her infectious energy and enthusiasm. However, on her own show, that same energy seems to be lacking. There are moments when she shines, but overall, the show feels subdued and lackluster. This inconsistency in energy can be frustrating for viewers who were expecting more from the show.

Poor Production Value

The production value of the Amber Ruffin Show is another area where it falls short. The set design is uninspired, and the lighting and camera work can be distracting. Additionally, the show’s use of pre-taped segments can feel cheap and lazy, further detracting from the viewing experience.

Too Short

At only 30 minutes, the Amber Ruffin Show feels rushed and incomplete. The segments are often cut short, and there isn’t enough time to fully explore the topics at hand. This brevity can be frustrating for viewers, as it feels like they’re not getting their money’s worth.

Lack of Identity

Ultimately, the biggest issue with the Amber Ruffin Show is its lack of identity. It’s not quite a talk show, not quite a sketch comedy show, and not quite a variety show. It’s trying to be too many things at once, without fully committing to any of them. This lack of identity makes it difficult for viewers to know what to expect from the show, and can make it feel aimless and unfocused.


In conclusion, the Amber Ruffin Show has been a terrible disappointment to viewers. Its uninspired writing, lack of cohesion, weak guests, overreliance on politics, inconsistent energy, poor production value, brevity, and lack of identity have all contributed to its downfall. While there are moments when the show shines, overall, it feels like a missed opportunity. Hopefully, in the future, Amber Ruffin will be able to find a format that better showcases her talents and creativity.