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Understanding The Essence Of Weapon Crit In Eso – A Beginner’s Guide

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If you are a beginner in ESO, you might be wondering what weapon crit is and how it affects your gameplay. In this article, we will discuss the concept of weapon crit and its importance in ESO.

What is Weapon Crit?

Weapon crit is the probability of your weapon attack to critically hit your opponent. A critical hit deals more damage than a regular hit and is an essential aspect of ESO combat. Weapon crit can be increased through various means, such as gear, skills, and champion points.

Why is Weapon Crit Important?

Weapon crit is crucial in ESO because it directly affects your damage output. The higher your weapon crit, the more damage you can deal to your opponents. It also affects your sustain, as many skills and sets in ESO restore resources on critical hits.

How to Increase Weapon Crit

There are various ways to increase weapon crit in ESO. Some of the most common methods are: – Using gear that increases weapon crit – Choosing skills that have a high critical hit chance – Investing champion points into the Mighty and Precise Strikes trees

The Importance of Weapon Crit in PVE

In PVE, weapon crit is essential for dealing damage to bosses and other enemies. A high weapon crit can make a significant difference in your DPS and help you clear content faster.

The Importance of Weapon Crit in PVP

In PVP, weapon crit is equally important as it can help you win fights against other players. A critical hit can be the difference between victory and defeat, and a high weapon crit can give you an edge over your opponents.

The Downsides of Focusing too Much on Weapon Crit

While weapon crit is essential in ESO, focusing too much on it can have some downsides. For example, neglecting other stats such as weapon damage or penetration can lead to lower overall damage output.

The Role of Weapon Crit in Different ESO Roles

Weapon crit plays a different role in different ESO roles. For example, DPS players rely heavily on weapon crit to deal damage, while tanks and healers may prioritize other stats such as health or magicka.


In conclusion, weapon crit is an essential aspect of ESO combat that plays a significant role in damage output and sustain. Understanding the concept of weapon crit and how to increase it can help you improve your gameplay and achieve better results in both PVE and PVP.