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Warner Brothers Statement On Amber Heard

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In recent years, Amber Heard has been at the center of a legal battle with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. The case has been widely publicized and has led to a lot of controversy. Warner Brothers, the studio behind the Fantastic Beasts franchise, has recently made a statement regarding Heard’s involvement in the upcoming film.

The Statement

Warner Brothers has released a statement saying that they will not be recasting Amber Heard’s role as Mera in the upcoming movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The statement goes on to say that they are aware of the ongoing legal battle between Heard and Depp, but they believe that the decision to keep Heard in the film is the right one.


The decision to keep Heard in the film has been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some are in support of the decision, arguing that Heard has not been proven guilty of any wrongdoing. Others, however, are not happy with the decision and have called for a boycott of the film.

The Legal Battle

The legal battle between Heard and Depp started in 2016 when Heard filed for divorce from Depp, citing irreconcilable differences. In 2018, Depp filed a lawsuit against Heard for defamation after she accused him of domestic violence.

New Evidence

Recently, new evidence has come to light that has caused some to question Heard’s credibility. Audio recordings were released in which Heard admits to hitting Depp. This has led many to call for her removal from the Aquaman franchise.


In conclusion, the decision by Warner Brothers to keep Amber Heard in the Aquaman franchise has been met with controversy. While some fans are supportive of the decision, others are not. The ongoing legal battle between Heard and Depp continues to be a topic of discussion and debate. Only time will tell how this situation will ultimately be resolved.