What Is Blue Essence Used For In League Of Legends?

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As a League of Legends player, you must be familiar with Blue Essence (BE), which is one of the game’s currencies. BE is earned through various methods, including completing missions, leveling up, and disenchanting champion shards. But what is Blue Essence used for in League of Legends?

Unlocking Champions

One of the primary uses of Blue Essence is to unlock champions. Every champion in League of Legends has a BE cost, which can range from 450 to 7800. You can use BE to unlock champions permanently, which means you can play them in any game mode, including ranked matches.

Purchasing Runes

In League of Legends, runes are essential for improving your champion’s abilities and stats. You can purchase runes with Blue Essence, allowing you to customize your champion’s playstyle and strengths. Runes can be purchased in the store, and you can choose from a variety of options to suit your needs.

Buying Chromas and Emotes

Aside from unlocking champions and purchasing runes, Blue Essence can also be used to buy chromas and emotes. Chromas are alternate color schemes for your favorite champions, while emotes are animated icons that can be used to express yourself during matches. While they don’t affect gameplay, they can add some personality to your League of Legends experience.

Leveling Up Your Mastery

League of Legends has a Mastery system that allows you to show off your skills with your favorite champions. As you play and win matches, you earn Mastery points, which can be used to level up your Mastery. However, to level up your Mastery to level 6 or 7, you need to spend Blue Essence or RP (Riot Points).

Refunding Champions and Skins

If you’ve ever regretted purchasing a champion or skin, Blue Essence can be used to refund them. You can refund up to three champions or skins, provided that you haven’t used them in a match. To refund a champion or skin, go to the store, click on the Purchase History tab, and click on Refund.


In conclusion, Blue Essence is a versatile currency in League of Legends. It can be used to unlock champions, purchase runes, buy chromas and emotes, level up your Mastery, and even refund champions and skins. As you play and earn Blue Essence, make sure to use it wisely to enhance your League of Legends experience.