When Should My Daughter Start Shaving?

When Should Girls Start Shaving? A Parent's Survival Guide to Preparing


As a mother, it’s essential to know when to initiate the conversation about shaving with your daughter. Shaving is a significant step for every girl, and it’s important to guide them in the right direction. In this article, we’ll discuss various factors that can help you determine when your daughter should start shaving.


1. Age

Age is a crucial factor to consider when determining when your daughter should start shaving. Most girls start developing body hair around the age of 9 or 10. However, it’s not always necessary to start shaving at this age. You should wait until your daughter feels comfortable with her body hair and wants to remove it.

2. Hair Growth

The growth of body hair varies from person to person. Some girls have thicker and coarser hair, while others have finer hair. The texture and thickness of hair can determine when your daughter should start shaving. If your daughter has noticeable hair growth, then it’s time to start shaving.

3. Skin Sensitivity

Your daughter’s skin sensitivity can also play a significant role in deciding when to start shaving. Shaving can cause skin irritation and rashes, especially if your daughter has sensitive skin. You should ensure that your daughter is ready to deal with the after-effects of shaving and is prepared to take care of her skin.

4. Cultural Norms

Cultural norms can also influence when your daughter should start shaving. In some cultures, body hair is considered normal, while in others, it’s seen as unattractive. You should respect your daughter’s cultural background and beliefs and make a decision that aligns with her values.

5. Personal Choice

Ultimately, the decision to start shaving should be left to your daughter. It’s essential to have an open and honest conversation with your daughter about shaving and allow her to make her own decision. Your daughter’s comfort and confidence are crucial, and it’s important to support her in whichever decision she makes.


Shaving is a personal choice, and it’s up to your daughter to decide when she’s ready to start. As a mother, it’s essential to provide guidance and support to your daughter and ensure that she’s comfortable with her body hair. By considering factors such as age, hair growth, skin sensitivity, cultural norms, and personal choice, you can help your daughter make an informed decision about shaving.