What Do They Call Cotton Candy In England?

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The Sweet Treat That’s Loved Around the World

Cotton candy, also known as candy floss, is a popular sugary treat that is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. This fluffy and light confection is made by spinning sugar at high speeds to create thin strands that are then collected onto a stick or cone. It is a staple at fairs, carnivals, and amusement parks, and is loved by many for its sweet taste and whimsical appearance.

What is Cotton Candy Called in England?

In England, cotton candy is known as candy floss. This name is derived from the process of creating the treat, where sugar is spun into thin strands that resemble fluffy bits of cotton. The name candy floss has been used in England since the early 20th century, and has become the standard term for the treat throughout the country.

The History of Cotton Candy

Cotton candy was first invented in 1897 by a dentist named William Morrison and his confectioner friend John C. Wharton. The two men created a machine that could spin sugar at high speeds, which they debuted at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. The treat was an instant hit, and soon became a staple at fairs and carnivals around the world.

Over the years, cotton candy has evolved to include a variety of flavors and colors. In addition to the traditional pink and blue varieties, you can now find cotton candy in flavors like grape, watermelon, and even bacon.

How is Cotton Candy Made?

The process of making cotton candy involves spinning sugar at high speeds using a machine called a cotton candy maker. The sugar is heated until it becomes a liquid, and is then spun through tiny holes in the machine to create thin strands. The strands are collected onto a stick or cone, and are then served to customers.

While cotton candy is typically made with plain white sugar, some varieties also include food coloring or flavorings to create different colors and tastes.

Fun Facts About Cotton Candy

Did you know that cotton candy was originally called “fairy floss” in Australia? Or that there is a National Cotton Candy Day celebrated on December 7th in the United States?

Here are a few more fun facts about this beloved treat:

  • It takes about 1 tablespoon of sugar to make one serving of cotton candy.
  • The largest cotton candy ever made weighed over 21 pounds!
  • Cotton candy is often used as a garnish for cocktails and desserts.
  • There is a cotton candy machine that can produce up to 60 servings per minute!

The Bottom Line

Whether you call it cotton candy or candy floss, there’s no denying that this sweet treat is loved by many around the world. From its humble beginnings at the World’s Fair to its modern-day popularity at fairs and carnivals, cotton candy has become a beloved symbol of fun and whimsy.

So next time you’re at a fair or carnival, be sure to indulge in a little bit of cotton candy goodness. You won’t regret it!